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Sports Premium Funding


At Chew Magna Primary School, we continue to develop our Physical Education programme and, with the support of Government funding, we have the capacity to do so. We endeavour to give our children opportunities to experience different sporting challenges as they move through the school, and to develop their talents in appropriate competitive formats.


The Government’s commitment to provide new funding for Primary PE and Sport means that we can now look to further develop and enhance the experience of our children in this area. In the academic year 2017-18, the funding entitles our school to £16,000, plus an additional £10 per pupil aged 5 or over (at the time of the census in the January of each academic year.) This means that we will receive £16,930 to further develop PE and sport in our school.


Our rationale for the use of Sports Premium funding is that it must be used so that: all children benefit regardless of sporting ability; children are given the opportunity to compete in tournaments with other schools; staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development including working with specialist teachers/qualified sports coaches; subsidising some activities so that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints.   


During the academic year 2016-17, we received £8,460 in Sports Premium Funding to develop PE and Sport in our school We used the funding to:-




Continue to pay to be part of the School Sports Partnership.

Ongoing- all year groups take part in a wide range of sports festivals at Chew Valley School.This increases the breadth of opportunity and builds confidence in taking part in sports activities.

Teachers benefit from professional development by observing specialist Sports Coaches teach their class.


School Sports Partnership Primary supplement.   £250

Games Association.



Subsidise the cost of transport to enable pupils in Y1 to Y4 to swim for 10 weeks each term. Given the school's rural location, it is necessary to travel 11 miles to the pool.

The majority of pupils can swim at least 25m before entering Y5

(Children in Y5 and Y6 have the opportunity to swim again if they have not achieved 25m).


Pay for transport to some sporting events.

Allows pupils to participate and compete in events further away.


Pay for hire of church hall.

Gym and Dance can be taught in a space which is big enough (our school hall is too small).

Allows us to run a weekly Dance Club.

When the weather is bad, our after school Netball and Hockey clubs can still take place.


Donation to local Cricket Club for use of its facilities for our Sports Day, certificates for winning teams, prize for most supportive captain etc.

Whole school Sports Day in a venue which allows families to join us. Certificates and prizes given for motivation and reward.


Engraving an annual cup.

Recognition for Sports Person of the Year from Y5 (that person given extra leadership responsibility in Y6).


Subsidised places in our after school sports clubs.

Equal opportunities for all pupils.


Subsidised places for our activity residential for a few families.

Equal opportunities for all pupils.


Yoga for all of Key Stage 2 for six weeks.

Alternative sport to complement mindfulness work done in school.

£600 for 12 sessions provided by Yoga Stars

Maintenance of field.

Football pitch mowed.






10 netballs



Netball bibs



10 footballs



Tag rugby belts and tags



New gym mats



Skipping ropes

Whole school challenge to improve skipping and fitness.


Basket ball/football goal

Defining an area for ball games, whilst allowing quieter areas of the playground to be developed.


Buying equipment for After School Club

Allow a physical element for our After School Club.


Buying equipment for lunchtimes

To allow children to enjoy being active during their lunch break.


Supply cover

Allows PE Co-ordinator to take teams of children to take part in matches.

£80 per afternoon

 The school will be monitoring both the physical development and engagement levels of pupils through observation and an assessment system. The school offers a wide range of after school sports clubs and we will be closely monitoring the attendance to ensure maximum take-up. The school will continue to maximise opportunities for both in-school and out-of-school competitions. The results will be shared via the website and our school newsletter. Teachers will report on their professional development needs and developing confidence in the teaching of PE and Sports.

Our PE Co-ordinator is Mrs Su Berkley.


Clubs offered outside of the curriculum as enrichment:

Dance (KS2)

Football (KS1)

Football (KS2)

Hockey (KS2)

Netball (KS2)

Yoga (Y1-Y6)


Tournaments and Festivals we took part in during the last academic year:

Y5/6 Football league (Sept-Dec ’16)

KS2 Cross Country at Chew Valley School (Sept ’16)

Y5/6 G&T Netball (Sept’ 16)*

**Four of our netballers had the opportunity to take part in three netball sessions alongside capable netballers from other local primary schools. They took part in the Keynsham and Chew Valley Netball tournament. From this group a cluster squad was selected. Two of our children made the cluster squad.

Y5/6 BANES Cross Country at Wellsway School**

**From the Cross Country event, two of our Y5/Y6 girls were selected to represent BANES at a further event.

Football Tournament at Cameley Primary School (Nov '16)

Y2 King Ball Festival (Nov '16)

Y3-6 Sports Hall Athletics (Jan '17)

Y5/6 Touch Rugby (Jan '17)

Y3/4 Gym Festival (Feb '17)

Chew Valley Dance Festival - all of FS/Y1 and Y5/Y6 plus KS2 Dance Club

Y5/6 Football - separate girls and boys tournaments (March '17)

Y3/4 Netball Festival (March '17)

Y2 Gym Festival (March '17)

Dance Umbrella Bath Forum - Dance Club (March '17)

Rotary Football Tournament (Apr '17)

FS Dance & Mulit-Skills Festival (May '17) 

Y3/4 Athletics Festival (May '17)

Y5/6 Quad Kids (May ’17)

Y5/6 Rounders Tournament (Jul '17)